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a Place

to Call Home

Housing That Makes a Difference

Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected (not just) shared housing foundation in Arizona and the United States.

We first provide clean and sober living in homes residing in nice neighborhoods. Second, we provide a safe place for our residents and even their furry companions who have been loyally serving them.

Then, through compassion and the example of Jesus, we help our residents build a life by overcoming past addictions and

challenges to become self-sufficient, productive members of society, regaining their dignity and drive. We have even begun helping entire families, and now any Renters, make the dream of home ownership a REALITY! With a foundation in Christ, our residents flourish and pay it forward to everyone they meet, creating a better world together. We graduate our residents and anyone willing to put in the effort into a “Home of thier Own.”

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Where your

Furry Companion is at home with you!

We realize that pets can be more than just companions. We strive to welcome your cat or dog as residents right along with you, where and when we can. Fill out our Pet Specific form below.

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New House

Opens in Jan

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We're Looking for Properties

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Detached homes

Our houses look just like yours...

Pretty Houses




Home Exterior House Design

single or two story

Move-in ready or fixer-upper...

any condition


or Itty Bitty!

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Close to public transportation...

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Who we serve...

Timed Out Foster Young Adults

Children who time out (turn 18) in Foster Care often have no place to go. We want to change that. We want to give them a home that is theirs for as long as they want it, not the other way around.

Our Veterans

Mickey loved her country. We couldn't be the land of the Free without the Brave. We are honored to serve those who have served us.


Some of our homes are for people who are easing back in to society. We provide sober living in and a space to rewrite their story - this time, with a happy ending.


We understand the struggles of recovery and having a safe place to lay your head is a blessing most don't realize. Those in recovery need sober living and a place to call home.

Renters or those who think they could never own a Home of their own...

We’ve got news for you! We have a program that puts Renters on the path to Home Ownership. It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit or you don’t have any credit at all. We can put you on a path that can lead to home ownership, if you choose to do it. It might take years or a few months but the outcome is still owning a HOME OF YOUR OWN with the HomeStart Assurance Program.

we can also serve...

Our Private Money Lenders get the Best of Both Worlds...

when your Investment or Retirement Accounts help us purchase homes and furniture, you are helping others while helping yourself and your family get amazing returns.

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We're first time home owners!

Mickey’s House Foundation

We began by serving those most in need and still do. Our Veterans and Timed-Out Foster Youth is the main focus of the Foundation. However, we have branched out to provide other services.

HomeStart Assurance Program

For those who never thought they would ever have a home of their own, we started the HomeStart Assurance Program. This leads Renters into home ownership. Yes, anyone who rents can become a Home Owner in our Program. We can get you started saving and fixing your credit so that you can live the American Dream!

Home of Your Own

Some of our applicants require a few extra steps between renter and owner. We can move them into a Home of their Own sooner rather than later.

how we serve...

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We all have the ability to change lives.

We're on a quest to change their lives

forever and for the better. You can help.

Mickey's House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe, secure, stable, and beautiful sober living homes that residents can be proud of. We choose pretty homes in great neighborhoods because it matters.

With your help, we hope to make a difference for those working hard to better themselves and their circumstances and live

their best life being joyful and productive members of society.

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New House

Opens in Jan

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Practice some self-care

Our Residents

All have a story...

and we want that story to have a blessed ending.

Mickey’s House Foundation is a 501c3 providing sober and clean living housing to a variety of people experiencing housing insecurities. Please help our cause.

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New House

Opens in June

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Our goal for our first year - to fill three houses.

The second year - to fill a house a month.

Our third year - to fill a house every other week.

Year four - to fill a house a week.

by Year five - we will have 200 homes filled and have given 10,000 lives new-found hope and joy to prosper.

There are more who need your help.

Interior and Landscape Designers, we need your skills!

Home Sweet Home Welcome Mat

Mickey's House Foundation

Help us welcome new residents home.

Buy a Welcome Basket

Add to Our

Education Fund

Help Support a Pet

Pets miraculously impact our lives.

We're on a quest

to accommodate them along with you.

There is a huge need for pet-friendly housing. Especially for those who have been homeless and have service animals. Many choose to stay homeless rather than give up their pet, the one true companion who has been with them through everything. Nothing is as loyal or loves so unconditionally as an animal. We get that and we are on a mission to welcome every single one!

We limit the number of animals per house and not all of our houses can allow animals.

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How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us to help others.

You can make a donation (cash or furniture, big or small),

buy welcome baskets for new residents, join our fundraiser events, volunteer your time & expertise, and/or donate your products/services.

We even have a program where you make money by helping us buy more homes, making great returns backed by real estate.


Get to

Know MIckey

Mickey was special. She was an Irish-American beauty with coal-black hair and emerald eyes who was born on the fourth of July, a Yankee Doodle Dandy. She was funny. She was quirky. She never had a bad word to say about anyone.

Mickey was my mother and my entire driving force until the day she died. She was so good, she made you want to be good. She taught me about love and kindness. She never had a lot but what she had she would offer. She had a deep love of God and she taught me about Jesus. Gilda's House was special to her so we created Mickey's House to be special for as many others as we can possibly reach. The Joy of life is Giving! Christ showed me the power of Forgiving and Serving. We intend to Serve as many as we can for as long as we can.

May God bless each and every life we touch in Jesus' name.

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Mickey's House Foundation

Meet Some of Our Team

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Tyler Russell

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Mickey's House Foundation

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