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Foster Kids age out of the system at 18. Imagine...

Imagine being a ward of the state from a very young age: being taken away from everyone you know, never a say in where you live or with whom you live. Imagine several people directing your entire life: where you go, when you go - schools, doctor's visits, medications you're on, counseling, everything... and then, suddenly, nothing. One day, around your senior year in high school, you go from having no say in your life and everyone telling you exactly what to do - to being all alone and on your own in a heart beat. Now what?

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No Family

No Guidance

No Money

No Shelter


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These teenagers have experienced abandonment, attachment issues, extreme abuse, and more. Many were abused while IN the system of our states. CPS pays bonuses for getting and keeping kids on medication, so most have been medicated from a young age. Kids are 6X more likely to be murdered and raped inside CPS.

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80% of Foster Youth experience mental health issues.

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Multi-ethnic, foster care family at home.
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Our Kids

All have a story...

Mickey’s House Foundation is a 501c3 providing sober and clean living housing to a variety of people experiencing housing insecurities. Please help our cause.

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